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A Cleaner Home Shows Better

According to professional realtors on RealtyTimes.com, if a house is clean, it shows better which probably helps your chances of selling it. So if you’re not working with a real estate agent, this might be a good article to read to help you sell your home. A clean home obviously is better than a dirty one but sometimes we get sidetracked with other things like work, family life, chores, and everything in between and don’t really put in the effort that would really help sell a house and move out of it.

If you’re home has been on the market for quite some time, maybe it’s time for a little change, a little cleaning makeover. All My Sons of San Antonio, with the help of RealtyTimes will give you a few pointers and hopefully you’ll be ready to move out sooner rather than later. And don’t forget to call your movers of choice, the local San Antonio movers, for your easy and stress-free residential move.

The number one tip is to clean up the hard to reach places like windows and skylights. They often get overlooked but you don’t want dusty window sills, you want shiny, clean windows that you can see through. You’ll have more light coming into the home, making it brighter and even warmer because of the sunlight.

Baseboards and walls should also be clean. You can even take it further and refresh the paint on the baseboards or on a specific wall. You can also scrub them down using a wet and soapy cloth. There’s another product the realtors on RealtyTimes are promoting and that’s Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser. These cleaning pads will help you clean without too much work involved on your end. They help take the grime off almost anything. Home buyers don’t want to see scoff marks so it’s important that you really make sure that everything is wiped down.

Make sure all the bathrooms in the house, even the ones without shower or bath are clean. Check for leaks, dirty garbage bins and stained towels. Also clean out the grout in the tile flooring. One that the RealtyTimes article recommends is the Heavy Duty Acidic Cleaner for tile.

Look at your closets and cabinets. Make sure they are in order and that things are disorganized. Watch for clothing on hangers on the floor, line up your shoes and have everything in its place. Don’t stuff useless junk in them. Potential homebuyers like to open closets and cabinets so it’s important you pay extra attention to these details.

These little tips should help showcase your home better so you can move out faster. As soon as you have your moving date, give All My Sons of San Antonio a call.