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Showing Your Home Even When a Tenant is Living Inside

In this real estate market, many choose to rent out their place instead of selling it at a loss. This allows people who are managing with their financial situation to hold onto their investments for a little while more. By having a tenant in their condo unit or house, there’s also someone that maintains the home regularly and of course, puts it to good use.

If you’re a landlord that ultimately wants to sell their home, you need to make sure that you communicate this with your tenant to be. This way there’s no confusion about your future plans. Having a tenant there while you show the place to potential homebuyers can actually be a plus, especially if they’re thinking of using your property as an investment property.

All My Sons of San Antonio
remind you that there are various state laws around the country in regards to eviction so that shouldn’t your first choice of handling the matter. Especially if your tenant knows of your future plans right from the beginning. You can always negotiate clauses within your lease with your tenant that can help keep your place always show-ready. For example, you can pitch in with cleaning services once a week or once a month. You can deduct a specific amount from the rental price in order to help out your tenant keep the place spotless so it’s always showcased in the best possible way.

The local San Antonio movers say incentives such as gift cards or helping to pay the utilities bill can also make up for the times you need to walk in to the home or apartment to actually show future potential home buyers the place. If it’s well-kept and in a good neighborhood, your tenant can actually help sell the place with his or her own personal reviews. Make sure to ask your tenant to not keep too many valuables in the house since you will occasionally have strangers inside.

Ultimately, this is all about communication and negotiation. You can set up a schedule you are both comfortable with on specific days that you’ll bring in potential home buyers. For example, you might not want to do that on the weekends when your tenant is home resting from a hard week at work.
And when your tenant is ready to move out, the All My Sons of San Antonio can help them with professional moving services. The local San Antonio moving specialists will help with quilt pad wrapping furniture and even assembling them in their new place. The San Antonio movers are part of the All My Sons Moving and Storage company so there’s truly nothing to worry about, these are reputable movers working around the country.