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Sell Your Home Without A Realtor

In this tough market, selling a home is not an easy task. It takes creativity, perseverance, hard work, but not necessarily a realtor. According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2009, 11% of home sales were FSBOs meaning they were For Sale By Owner. 6% of those were actually sold on the open market and 5 % were private transactions among family, friends and neighbors. There’s no doubt that selling your own home without the help of a professional can ne hard, with the right knowledge and attitude it can be done, saving you the commission owned to the real estate company that helped, putting more money in your pocket.

Aol helps us with the right steps to take to sell your own home. The San Antonio local movers learned that the first thing to do is research, becoming familiar with real estate transactions. A good way to do that is to look through your own personal paperwork, the contracts and documents that were drawn when you bought your own home. Examine the property records, the title company’s documents, insurance paperwork and other legal documents. This is also the best time to get online and read a little about real estate deals and how they get processed. Learn as much as possible, because remember, you’re on your own except for a few third parties professionals that will help when you’re close to actually selling your home.

The next step is to prepare your home. Look at the cosmetic problems of the house, the functional issues and things around the house you just can’t fix. Aol reminds us to correct the first two, the cosmetic and functional issues. If you have scuff marks on your walls, it’s a good idea to paint. Replace or at least clean in depth your carpet. Make sure everything that can be repaired is actually repaired. Inspect your appliances, air conditioning and other things that you might have gotten accustomed to, but that a new homebuyer doesn’t want to deal with. Don’t forget to clean up the place, get rid of clutter, keep your closets clean because they probably will be open and keep spaces open. Your driveway and landscaping should also be kept in check. Remember, it’s the first impression potential homebuyer get of your home.

Pricing your house can be a challenge. Many people price too high, scaring off potential homebuyers. If it’s sits on the market for too long, buyers start to wonder what’s wrong with the house. If the price is right, your home will sell faster. To do so, check out neighborhood sales for the past six months. Go to several open houses to see what else is out there and what is it selling at. You can also hire an appraiser to help you out with the perfect price tag for your home.

Once you have your price, it’s time to market your home and advertise it. For a small fee you can list your home on MLS, in the for-sale-by-owner listings. You can use websites like Craigslist and networking sites to show off your house. Write accurate descriptions and nice pictures that showcase your home the right way.

Be prepared to negotiate with homebuyers and give counteroffers and make sure you have the correct paperwork to closing the sale of the home. Once you close and sell your home, then it’s time to move out. For an easy move, you can count on the San Antonio moving specialists who have countless years of moving experience under the belt. Our professional San Antonio movers have moved families from apartments to single family homes and even commercial spaces, so rest assured you’ll be in good hands.