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Houses at Deep Discounts

According to MSN, the latest data show that people are increasingly selling their homes at a lower price, discounting their original price tag. Across the U.S., 26% of the homes for sale are on the market with lower prices according to Trulia, the housing data firm. That’s up from 24% in the month of July and 20% in March. The real estate market has weakened since the first-time homebuyer tax credit expired at the end of April.

The San Antonio movers discovered that some cities have more discounts than others. More than 40% of the listings in Minneapolis and Phoenix are marked down. In Detroit and Miami, just 20% of listings are marked down. Some cities haven’t discounted their housing units that much such as Dallas-Fort Worth in Texas. About one third of the home listings in Dallas are discounted, in Fort Worth, less than one fourth of home listing have been discounted and in Milwaukee’s Kilbourn Town, less than one fifth of people selling their residences are marking down their prices.

The San Antonio movers found out that in Detroit 16% of homes are being offered at a discount. The average discount in Detroit is 25%, two times and a half the average in other locations. California also has markdowns in areas like San Diego, Sacramento, Oakland, Fresno and San Jose with about 26% of the listings discounted.

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