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Save on Your Next Move

During these tough times, everybody is trying to save money and cut corners here and there. If you need to move any time soon, use these moving tips from All My Sons of San Antonio for big savings. There’s no need to move more bills along with your furniture.

All My Sons San Antonio movers suggest you do your own packing, including your clothes, dishes, filing cabinets and everything else around the house. Even though we can pack for you, you’ll save money if you do it yourself. Get the whole family to participate to make it as easy as possible.

Don’t pay for boxes. There are websites that offer free boxes. You can also go to your local grocery store and ask for boxes. Plus, you can use some of your furniture to act as boxes so movers can transport your personal belongings unto a truck.

Think twice about moving your appliances. If they’re old, it might be cheaper for you to buy them new and have the stores deliver it directly to your new home than to have a moving company transport it.

Get rid of old things. This can include anything from old clothing to old kids’ toys, records, movies, anything really that you don’t use. There’s no sense in transporting them to your new home at a cost because you probably won’t be using it there either. Call up the Salvation Army to pick things up or have a garage sale and make a little money to help pay for the move.

Don’t spend money on things like bubble wrap. Try to pad your delicate stuff with bed sheets, towels, newspaper and anything else that’s free and will protect your items from breaking.

Beware of the storage unit. You might save money by not moving some items but you’ll be paying for it once a month for storage. So think about those items, do you really need them? Are you ever going to use them? If so, ask yourself why are they going to storage?

Another way to save during your move is in the case of relocation. If your employer is the one asking you to move than he or she can help you with moving costs. That will offset some of your expenses.

Find a good moving company, like All My Sons of San Antonio. When you’re dealing with a reputable moving company with lots of experience, you can rest assured that your personal belongings will be transported safely and your stuff will be secure. If your things aren’t damaged, you won’t spend money replacing them in the end saving you big bucks.