Rating 4.6

The Best Movers I’ve Worked With

I’ve had the unfortunate chance of working with nonprofessional movers in the past who didn’t quite know what they were doing and didn’t care about the service they were delivering. I’ve had furniture scratched, damaged, I’ve had movers ask for more money, this industry is not the best. But my co-worker told me about a local San Antonio moving company he worked with in the past to move from one townhouse to another and he couldn’t stop raving about the service the movers provided. So when I had to move again, in between packing boxes and cleaning up my place, I called up All My Sons of San Antonio. They were very nice over the phone and provided me with all the information I needed. They were patient, and even gave me a free moving quote that was quite affordable for that kind of residential moving service.
I made up my mind pretty much right then and there on the phone and just had a good feeling about moving day. I went back to finishing up all the packing and soon enough, the All My Sons of San Antonio movers showed up at my seventh floor 3-bedroom apartment ready to tackle the task of moving. They were very efficient and polite, and they didn’t need any supervision which was nice because I got to catch up on some phone call while they were lifting boxes and carrying them out onto their moving truck. They moved fast and were really friendly too.

Several hours later after the leather couch, the dressers the lcd TVs, the bed and guestroom bed were all on the moving truck, the San Antonio movers headed out to my new home in San Antonio. Once there, they continued their professional job and unloaded all the goods from the truck. Once again, all the moving specialists worked well, following a system and just wanting to get the job done. I was really impressed with the service I got from this local San Antonio moving company, I had wished that my previous experience with movers were as good. Now I know there’s a reputable moving company out there that can get the job done right. I’m going to tell everyone I know about the level of professionalism and the credible move the San Antonio movers did. This testimonial is by Antoine B., San Antonio, TX