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Improve the Appeal of your San Antonio Home

If you’re planning on moving, one of the hardest parts of the process is often finding someone to buy your home, especially in a tough real estate market. If you’ve already scheduled a time for the San Antonio movers you hired to come and pick up your things and want to get your house sold as quickly as possible, these five easy ways to spruce up your home will help you find a buyer in no time.

1. Maintain Neutrality

Everyone has a distinct personal style. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the people coming to look at your home will love yours. To ensure you don’t scare off any potential buyers, make sure that all of the rooms in your home are painted a neutral color. For example, if your living room is bright orange, you may want to consider painting the walls a light brown or white before you start showing your home.

2. Attract With Smell

Even if your home isn’t brand new, you can still attract buyers with that “new home smell.” When you’re preparing for an open house, avoid strong smells, clean out your refrigerator, and make sure the trash is taken out. If it’s not too cold or warm outside, try opening up your windows and letting the breeze in and lighting a soft candle.

3. Make Small Changes

If your San Antonio movers are schedule to arrive at your home in a few short weeks, it may not be the best time to start any major renovations. However, keep in mind that small changes can go a long way. For example, to instantly improve the appearance of your kitchen cabinets without tearing them out and installing new ones, try replacing the handles and knobs on them for a fresh look.

4. Maximize Your “Curb Appeal”

When a potential buyer pulls up to your home for the first time, their first impression of the house will be based on the way your front yard looks. If you have grass in your yard, make sure that it is well trimmed on the day of your open house and that the branches on your trees and bushes are under control. If you have children, encourage them to put their bikes and other toys where they belong so they aren’t strewn all over the yard. Additionally, you may also want to consider placing a few pots of flowers leading up to your home and around its entrance.

5. Refrain From Personalization

When a potential buyer comes to look at your home, they probably understand that someone is currently living there. However, in order to make a sale, it’s extremely important that the buyer can picture themselves living in your home. To help buyers do this, take down your family pictures and get rid of excess clutter, like the laundry piling up in your wash room or the mail you left on the counter from the day before.

Getting your home ready to show to potential buyers doesn’t have to be difficult and doesn’t require a ton of time or money. Try out these tips to make your home stand out in comparison to similar ones on the market and in your neighborhood.