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Safety Tips for Moving to Help You Avoid Injuries

Follow These Helpful Tips for Staying Safe While Moving

Moving can be a more dangerous activity than one might expect. If done improperly, the risk of property damage and personal injuries go up. Luckily, there are a few safety tips for moving that you or your San Antonio local movers can follow to avoid injuries and other kinds of damage.

Use Smaller Moving Boxes for Heavy Items

In general, when packing, none of your moving boxes should exceed 50 pounds. One way to ensure you follow that rule is by packing lighter items in bigger boxes and heavier items in smaller boxes. With a big moving box, you’ll feel the need to fill it up. Avoid going overweight by stuffing large boxes with light items like clothing and bedding. Using a small box ensures you never put to many heavy and bulky items together.

Use Equipment to Lessen the Stress on Your Body

Straining yourself to pick up and carry heavy loads can lead to back or other serious injuries, so it’s best to avoid that physical stress. You can do that by avoiding carrying items all together. Use high quality moving equipment, like dollies and hand trucks, so your body won’t have to shoulder most of the weight. For heavy furniture, invest in a few furniture slides so that you won’t have to pick up anything until it is closer to your moving truck.

Disassemble Furniture When You Can

Even if you utilize moving straps or other tools, carrying furniture will remain a difficult step in the moving process. High-injury areas like your back, shoulders, and knees are made vulnerable when under the stress of bulky couches, beds, dressers, and other furniture items. One way to tackle this is by taking your furniture apart and carrying it piece-by-piece to your truck. Furniture disassembly is a time-consuming, yet incredibly beneficial step. The ability to do this is one of the perks of owning Ikea furniture.

Keep Children and Pets Away on Moving Day

In addition to the safety of your own body, there are often other family members you must think about keeping safe during a move. The last thing you want when you or your San Antonio residential movers are carrying heavy furniture and appliances around the house is for children or pets running around underneath all that commotion.

The best option is to ask a family member or friend to babysit your kids or pets on moving day. If that’s not possible for you, quarantine your smaller family members in an empty room. Keep your kids entertained with a tablet full of games or movies.

Have Adequate Moving Assistance

Moving cannot be done by one person. It may not even be possible with only two people. In order to complete your relocation safely and at a reasonable pace, having enough people assisting you pack and load your things is necessary. Going the DIY route? Ask family members or friends to help you with the process.

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