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Tips for First-Time Renters

Due to the economic situation, many people are either choosing to rent or forced to rent because of underwater mortgages and home foreclosures. There are various factors that play a part in renting an apartment or home, including lease contract, security deposits and even decorating rules. If you're a first-time renter, this All My Sons of San Antonio article can help you with a few of the logistics at hand.

Location is important in renting just like it is when you're buying. It's important that your rental be a short commute to work as well as be in close proximity to retail operations such as a supermarket or convenient store, cleaners, public transportation if you don't have a car and so on. The location is also important because of safety. The better the neighborhood, the more safe you'll feel. Visit the rental apartment or home both during the day and at night. See how you feel about it during various times.

Before committing to the rental price tag with your landlord, evaluate the home's worth. Check out the exterior of the building or home as well as the inside. What does the unit offer? Is it upgraded? Does it have all major appliances you'll need? Are you getting a parking spot with your rent? Are you getting amenities such as a gym or communal area? Is there a pool or a an extra storage space that's included with the rental of the unit?

Don't forget to negotiate even when it feels like there isn't so much you can get out of bargaining. As a first-timer renter, you might not have a lot of practice in negotiating so you might want to bring a friend for support. When negotiating a lower price for your monthly rental payment, bring up other comparable prices you've seen, bring up some areas of the apartment that might not be updated or find out if your landlord is willing to decrease the safety deposit. And if you can't get a better price, you can always ask for a few upgrades such as having the landlord pay for a new paint job or helping you with fees of removing the carpet and so on. Don't forget to completely review the lease. Read through it all even the fine print. Make sure you understand the terms you'll be bound to and what will happen if you terminate the lease before the contract has expired. Make sure your landlord is accountable for a few things like smoke alarms, functioning appliances and plumbing.

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