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What’s up for Real Estate in 2012?

The real estate market in the last few years has not been such a pretty picture. Foreclosures, high inventory, lower sales prices, cancelled contracts and so on. It has been tough, there’s no denying that. Everyone’s wondering what will 2012 bring? In the past two months, consumer goods’ cost decreased so people who aren’t in the best position regarding their career are having an easier time with making ends meet, having more purchase power. The recent European debt crisis is also affecting our American market, but experts are saying that homes in 2012 will be even more affordable.

The National Association of Realtors are saying that the median home prices, mortgage interests and median family income was at a record high in 2011 but that it will be even better nest year. NAR is saying that 2012 will be the second best year in real estate, following the 70s. Existing homes sales are expected to increase by 4% to 5%.

The San Antonio local movers learnt that mortgage interest rates will increase a tad, but that the Federal Reserve is committed to keeping rates low. In terms of remodeling, RealtyTimes reports that today’s low rates are allowing people to stay in their homes, refinancing and spending some money on improving their homes. Apparently, remodeling is up 34% compared to last year with top projects being roof remodeling as well as decks and bathrooms.

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