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What You get For Your Money in Real Estate

The New York Times, in their great homes and destinations section online, compares properties with the same price tag in different areas in the U.S. This latest article compared homes in San Antonio, Texas, Asheville North Carolina and Chicago Illinois, all for about $300,000. So the movers at All My Sons of San Antonio thought it would be interesting to give you the facts so you can compare for yourself and see if San Antonio, Texas is a place you’d like to move to.

The first home in San Antonio has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It has 1,711 square feet and is located in a residential neighborhood called Lavaca which was developed during the 1870s on what use to be farmland. It’s the oldest existing neighborhood in San Antonio bounded by Durango Street, Carolina Street, IH-37 and South Alamo and St. Mary’s Street. You’ll find many 19th century houses in Lavaca originally owned by carpenters, stonemasons, shopkeepers, tailors, bartenders and butchers. There are some houses in the neighborhood with one floor, some with two floors, styles range as well from Victorian Cottage to Neoclassical and Craftsman.

Two blocks away from this San Antonio home for sale are all the bars, restaurants and galleries on south Alamo Street with the San Antonio River and its own shopping district and dining establishments half a mile east. The records say the house was built in 1905, it was completely renovated by the previous owner but the pine-plank flooring and beam ceilings as well as one of the clawfoot tubs are original. There are two front doors, one leading to a bedroom and one to the main living room. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet wih the two other bedroom also having a closet each. There’s an outside garden and a front porch too. The property taxes are estimated at $5,442 per year.

For about four or five thousand dollars less, you can get a 1,481 square feet three-bedroom, two-bath brick home. Even though there’s a tad of a difference in price, if you compared this home to the San Antonio home, this one is more expensive per square foot. The San Antonio home was at $175 per square foot, this Asheville home in the western part of North Carolina is at $198.This house was built in 1928 and was minimally renovated. The common are downstairs and bedrooms are upstairs. The outdoor area has several gardens, an outdoor fireplace, a front porch and even a tree swing.

In Chicago, the San Antonio movers found out that for about four thousand dollars more you can have a condo on the ninth floor of the Franklin Building which was built in 1916 to ‘house the presses for the Franklin Printing Company’. The building in 1983 was converted and housed 65 condominium units in 1989. There are bars and restaurants a block away as well as Grant Park and Millennium Park nearby. There is no outdoor space in this condo complex but residents will get Lake Michingan views. The property taxes are about $3,698per year, but residents will also have to fork up $780 per month for condo fees.