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Buying a Home is Still a Good Move

With all the talk surrounding the real estate situation, the bad economy, unemployment and everything in between, many people that can afford to buy a home are shying away from it because of all the negative energy around it. The truth is that if you can afford a down payment and have a good credit, you can actually turn the economic situation in your favor. There’s a bunch of homes on sale these day with a big inventory at a great price because of all the competition. There are foreclosures at bargain prices, short sales and single-family homes in amazing neighborhoods going for a lot less than they use to.

All My Sons of San Antonio reminds you that owning your own home many advantages. For example, you’re your own boss. There is no landlord to answer to, you can do what you like in your house. You can paint the walls whichever color you prefer, install a carpet or tear it off, you can even upgrade areas within your place or change your appliances. You can really do what you want. The only time you might have to answer is for rules that you might have to respect by a homeowners association if you’ll have one. You can hang pictures wherever you like and decide when you want to move again without breaking any lease. As an owner, the San Antonio movers remind you that you can actually also be a landlord and rent out your place. You still remain the boss of your castle.

Another benefit is that when you have a fixed rate mortgage, you don’t have to worry about your ‘rent’ hiking up. It’s fixed. You pay the same amount of money every month to a landlord, a lender, that doesn’t tell you what to do. Besides that, eventually you’ll pay it off and be able to resell and make profit. If you buy now, you’ll take advantage of super low mortgage rates, so not only are the home prices low right now, but you’ll also be saving on interest rates.

The San Antonio moving specialists remind you that also the best schools are supported by owner-occupants areas that pay substantial taxes. So if you have children and you want them to get a great education, owning might help you in that respect. Purchasing a home will probably get you a bigger space than a rental unit as well. So if you have a big family or just lots of stuff, you might want to consider during this time.