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All My Sons of San Antonio Presents Preventing Surprises

The biggest purchase you will ever make in your life is that new home. It's important to make sure to upkeep that home so the value increases instead of decreasing. Nobody wants to lose money on an investment and your home is the biggest investment you will ever make. There are warning signs you can look for in one's home. It's up to you to take those signs seriously and maybe just maybe you can help prevent damage to your home thus keeping your investment in good standing.

All my Sons San Antonio, the San Antonio insured local moving company, want to share some of these warning signs and the things you can do to prevent any further damage to your home.

Foundation. There are a few things one can look for if you think you have a foundation issue. A tilted chimney is an example of a problem with your foundation, as well as a bowed ceiling or cracks on the walls. These are all easy signals to look for when you suspect you have a problem with your foundation. There are however other signs you can look for such as difficulty opening and closing doors or windows can be early signals that you may have trouble with your foundation. So what can you do? Drainage. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are cleared out. May sound simple enough but this can help a lot. Also make sure your home is properly graded so that water runs away from your house. Water that runs towards your house, will create problems with your foundation.

Mold. If your home went through a flood and didn't properly dry out, then you may have mold. Mold can cause serious problems to a house and to your health! It's important to check leaks around your home. Leaks from a defective water pipe or even from a window seal can and will cause mold. All my Sons of San Antonio local movers suggest to look for leaks around your home and fix them as soon as possible, also placing fans in the kitchen and in the bathroom is a good idea to vent out that moisture.

Bed bugs. I know this one is kind of gross, but bed bugs are real and can cause damage to your home. How can one prevent bed bugs? Well, be careful when purchasing used furniture they sometimes will carry the nasty little critters. Make sure when travelling to not leave your bags on dirty floors because this too can be a home for the buggers. If you think that you may have bed bugs, don't wait call an exterminator quickly!

Buying your first house is always an exciting adventure. Make sure to choose All my Sons of San Antonio, your local San Antonio moving specialists, to make that residential move to your new and exciting home. A moving company that is licensed and insured and staffed with professional movers will make your move a pleasant one. Happy house-hunting and remember to look for those early warning signs.