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Painting Your San Antonio Home - on a Budget

After you move into your new San Antonio home, you may have a few projects on your to-do list. When you take your budget into consideration, some projects may have to be put on the backburner, but painting is not one of those. You can absolutely give your home warmth and color without breaking the bank, if you do the painting yourself. Your San Antonio relocation company knows the importance of staying on budget with DIY projects, so we have some tips to complete your project, without overspending.

It may be obvious that some rooms need painting, while it only becomes clear for others after closer inspection. Deciding which rooms require paint and how many coats are necessary, is your first step when painting on a budget. It can be difficult to guess how much paint you will need, so there are plenty of paint calculators available online, from paint giants like Sherwin Williams and hardware stores like Home Depot.  You just need to enter how many walls you are painting, and their height and width. You can even subtract windows and doors if you have their height and width, so that you can get a pretty precise estimate.

You will probably want to do two coats of paint, and do not forget primer! If you are painting with a dark color, that may take an extra coat or two. And if you are painting over a dark color with a light color, you will need a few extra coats of primer and paint, so take that into consideration. If primer is not something you want to deal with, there are paints with built-in primer on the market to minimize the work; like Valspar Signature Paint + Prime. There are also really thick paints that require fewer coats, but they take a while to dry and can cost a bit more than traditional paint. If you are interested, look into Behr Marquee, which is great for covering dark marks. If you have young children, you should also look for paints that are stain-resistant and easy to clean. Valspar Reserve is stain-resistant and can handle a scrubbing; it also has primer built in.

Painting tools can really eat into your budget. There are so many gadgets to tempt you with promises of making the job faster and easier. Decide what you need before you leave the house, and stick to the plan. A large and small roller, with a few brushes and paint trays should do the trick. Keep in mind, really cheap brushes can fall apart and loose bristles in your wet walls, so you may want to opt for more durable brushes. If you do not have painter’s tape and blankets to protect your flooring, pick that up as well. The last thing you need is to ruin your new home’s flooring!

Painting can definitely turn into a huge project if you are taking on multiple rooms, but it will absolutely pay off. Nothing will warm up a room more than a fresh coat of paint, in a welcoming color. So take the time to plan your project’s budget, and your home will come out looking beautiful, without breaking the bank!