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How to Efficiently Pack a Storage Unit

Moving into a smaller home? Have some items you simply do not have the space to accommodate? A storage unit is a great solution for people who have stuff but no space. San Antonio movers can certainly help you get everything from your house into the unit, but the trick is to know how to arrange your items to prevent damage and increase efficiency. Here are a few tips for packing your unit the smart way.

Label Everything

One of the first rules of packing up your home is to make sure everything is properly labeled. That means:

  • Putting the room on every side of the box
  • Ensuring any breakable items are labeled as “fragile”
  • Any “miscellaneous” boxes should have a note listing the items inside

Making sure every box is easily identifiable will be a big help once you get to your storage unit.

Protect Your Items

Items that sit in storage have a tendency to accumulate dust. They are also prone to shifting, which can cause damage if you do not protect them. A good rule of thumb is to put sheets or flattened cardboard boxes along the bottom of your storage unit to create a buffer between your items and the cold, hard floor.

When you are packing, any fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap or a similar protective cover. You can actually purchase boxes that are lined with padding to help keep things like dishes safe. Furniture should also be padded. You can wrap couches in plastic wrap, for example, to protect the upholstery. You can use garbage bags to cover smaller fabric chairs.

Get Organized


There are a few different ways you can organize your storage unit. The first is to create zones for each room in your house. You can draw a sketch of the space ahead of time so you or your movers can see how you would like things arranged. Furniture should all go on one side of the unit, and put boxes with items for each room on the other.

You could also organize your unit based on how often you use the items. If you are using the storage unit for long-term purposes, you might find you need to access some things regularly. For example, perhaps you have some smaller kitchen appliances you use over the holidays for heavy baking. Leave those in the front of the unit where you can easily grab them.

There are a few rules to abide by when you are packing your unit, no matter how you choose to organize it:

  • Try to leave access paths whenever possible so you do not have to climb over your belongings to get to what you need
  • Leave at least 12 inches between the door of the unit and your belongings so the door does not accidentally catch on something and break it
  • If you have valuables, put them in the far back of the unit where they are safer from thieves to “grab and go”

With the help of some good San Antonio movers, you can get all your items safely into storage. Take advantage of these tips so your belongings will be secure during their time in the unit.