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Organize Your Kitchen the Right Way

Moving into your new San Antonio home is the perfect time to organize your kitchen. You already dumped tons of things you don’t need while packing, so now you do not have too many sets of dishes, broken appliances, or expired food. It may be tempting to rush through this process and shove things into drawers to get it over with, but resist the urge! You will be so happy that you took the time to organize your kitchen the right way, when it is all said and done. The kitchen is where families gather, so an organized kitchen will make your home complete!

Open up all of your boxes to get a full scope of your belongings. Each box’s contents should already be grouped, so unpack like boxes onto sections of your counter. Start by placing dishes and bowls in your cabinets, and make sure that you keep more frequently used items in the front for easy access. If you have glass-front cabinets, keep nicer dishes or china that are visually pleasing in the front. Organize your glasses the same way, and choose a cabinet close to the sink or fridge. When unpacking pots and pans, use cabinet space around the stove so that they are easy to grab when you are cooking. You can purchase lid racks to keep your pots’ lids organized, if your cabinets are high enough. For silverware and cutlery, you should pick up some drawer organizers so that they stay organized.

Utilize your walls to help keep counters clean. Get a bulletin board to hang your calendar, schedules, coupons, and keys. You can use the space under your cabinets to hang coffee mugs too, which will free up cabinet space. You can also put up a rack to hang things like aprons and oven mitts.

You can buy some simple things that can really help when you organize your kitchen. Lazy Susans are a great organizing tool to hold your oils, vinegars, and even vitamins. You can also put them in the fridge for things like beverages and jars of pickles or olives. This way, items won’t be hidden and will not spoil.

Drawer dividers are another handy tool that will allow you to organize your kitchen drawers. Use them to sort Tupperware, spices, and cutlery. If your cabinets are a standard size, you can even buy sliding shelves. These are great because they give you such easy access and will encourage you to stay organized long after your move-in.

For your pantry, you can purchase an over-the-door organizer where you can place jars, packets, spices, oils, and other small items. If you cannot find an organizer, an over-the-door shoe organizer is perfect. Find a clear one so your things are easy to spot. If you love to cook, adjustable media holders will allow you to place your iPad underneath your cabinets for easy access to your online recipes. If you are more of a cookbook kind of chef, you could buy a retractable book stand instead.

If you have recently moved to San Antonio, it is the perfect time to organize your kitchen the right way. Your San Antonio moving company wants you to have the best tips at your fingertips, to ensure that you have a kitchen that your family loves to gather in.