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Avoid These Five Mistakes During Your Home’s Open House

If you’re planning on putting your home on the market, you probably want it to sell quickly. However, before you can even think about hiring San Antonio movers to help you move, you will want to focus on enticing and impressing future buyers. Here are a few mistakes to avoid during your home’s open house.

1. Leaving Your Home Dirty and Cluttered

An open house is your opportunity to show off what your home has to offer. If things are left dirty and cluttered, potential buyers will be instantly turned off from looking around. Before your open house is scheduled to begin, do a thorough cleaning of every room. Then, a few hours before it begins, go through your home and make sure any clutter or small messes are eliminated.

2. Forgetting About the Outside

When potential buyers come to look at your home, their first impression of the house is the outside. If the lawn is unkempt, there are bikes strewn everywhere, and the flowers in your garden are wilting, those coming to see your house may not be as ecstatic to look at what’s on the inside. Make sure that your yard is taken care of before you open up your home to viewers.

3. Staying Home

When potential buyers come for an open house, they are going to look through every nook and cranny of the house. If you are there, they may feel less inclined to thoroughly explore your house and understand what it has to offer. On the day of your open house, consider taking a small day trip or going over to a friend’s for a few hours. If you have kids or pets, make sure that they go with you.

4. Keeping Your Pictures Up

Although you may feel emotionally attached to your home, open houses are an opportunity for buyers to feel this same connection. If you have pictures of your family up, future buyers may be less inclined to picture themselves living there. Although it may be difficult, take down your pictures during open houses and remove any personal belongings. To make it easier on yourself, find a big box and store all of your pictures in it during the open house. Then, you can easily put them back up once this event is over.

5. Preventing Access to Certain Parts

Do you have a closet that is a disaster? What about a room with an accidental hole in the wall? Although you may want to divert potential buyers from seeing these things, preventing access to problem areas is a huge mistake. Go through your home and double check that visitors can easily access every part of your home. If there is something that you know would deter a buyer, like a broken window or squeaky floorboard, fix these problems before the open house.

Although hiring San Antonio movers the second you decide to move may be your first instinct, it’s essential that you properly prepare for your open house to ensure that you find a buyer. Avoiding these mistakes can help you not only find someone who wants to buy your home, but make a lasting impression on them.