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Nursery Room Must-Haves

Many families move to San Antonio in order to enjoy job stability and low housing costs, especially if they are about to have a family. Local movers know how hard it is to move and how stressful it can be, on top of having to plan and get ready for a baby. If you are moving to Texas in order to finally be able to afford your own home that is large enough for your growing family, our professional movers have a few items that we suggest every nursery has, and hopefully this will relieve some of your stress.

1)      A Fan – if your Texas home does not have a fan in the ceiling, consider purchasing a floor fan or small fan that can fit on top of a dresser, or installing one in the ceiling. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Texas can get very hot, and since it is a dry heat, it can give your baby a dry nose and irritate their sinuses. Investing in a good fan for their nursery, is one of the ways that you can keep your baby comfortable.

2)      Black Out Curtains – since black out curtains can get pretty pricey, you can always opt for heavy shades, but make sure you select one of the two. Babies typically need complete darkness in order to sleep well and uninterrupted, so if you moved to San Antonio, you can visit the local JoAnn fabric and craft store in order to find multiple options.

3)      Humidifier – this item is extremely popular on baby shower registries, and when you move to such a dry state like Texas, you will want this wonderful item to keep your baby’s nose happy from all of the dry heat, supplementing the fan above.

4)      Storage – most first-time parents might be surprised that just when you think you have created a nursery with enough storage space – you have nowhere to put anything, and this happens fast. Storage sometimes comes as an afterthought to first-time parents; however, San Antonio movers have moved so many families, we know just how many belongings the typical child acquires, even as young as a baby. Family and friends are routinely buying stuffed animals that you end up with around 20 of them. Other popular items that you will never have too little of – clothing. so make sure you have storage bins, toy bins, bookshelves, a dresser, and possibly a changing table that has drawers too.

5)      A Rug – a rug may be a more obvious item if you have tile or hardwood floors and is not necessary if you have carpet, unless the carpet is not very thick. However, it may be less obvious to homeowners that rugs can provide a layer of soundproofing and protect your existing floor as well.

Both moving and preparing for a baby should be happy times in your life, so if you are moving to San Antonio, let our moving family move yours, so that you can start decorating your nursery and taking care of the more important things – like installing that ceiling fan in your new nursery.