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New Uses for Old Bottles

Now that you have finally finished moving and thrown your housewarming party for your San Antonio home, it is time for the least fun part of it – cleaning up. San Antonio movers have ways that you can turn cleaning your new home into an opportunity to have a little bit of fun! Simply collect the empty wine bottles from your housewarming party and repurpose them with some of these great ideas. Your local San Antonio movers have fantastic new uses for old bottles - just grab those bottles from your recycling bin and check out these ideas!

  1. Water Your Plants. Use an old wine bottle to hydrate your plants all summer long. Just drill a ¼ hole through a cork and use it as a stopper for a wine bottle filled with water. Once that is done, just put the whole bottle neck into the soil, bottle neck down. Voila! You have yourself your own DIY slow-drip irrigator!
  2. Level Your Wall Frames. Tired of always searching for your leveler every time you need to hang up a new photo? Well, if you do not want a full-service San Antonio moving company to do this as they are moving you in, instead of spending precious time searching moving boxes for your leveler or buying a new one, just take a wine bottle and fill it with water up to the label. Then, hold it bottom-down on top of a picture frame, and adjust it until the water level is aligned with edge of the label.
  3. Keep Your Boots Standing Tall. Do you have a large collection of tall boots that you constantly have to stuff with tissue paper? Instead of struggling to find enough tissue paper to fill up your entire boots with (and wasting trees), San Antonio movers recommend that you take an empty wine bottle and tuck the bottle into your boots, so that they will stay upright when you store them in your closet.
  4. Create a Light Display. When the holidays roll around, create your own festive light display with your used wine bottles. Just take a 50-light string strand and put it through a hole that has been drilled into the bottle’s side. Not sure how to drill a hole into the glass? A ¾-inch tile bit should do the trick. Then, smooth the hole with a conical grinding stone in order to prevent any accidental cuts.
  5. Unique Book End. For a family full of avid readers, this is an ideal way to recycle some of those empty wine bottles that were savored during the tedious task of spending nights unpacking all of your moving boxes. Just take an empty bottle that has special meaning – such as the one you used at your first family dinner in your new home – and fill it with sand. Not only do you have a brand new bookend, you also have a keepsake that you will be able to enjoy looking at every day.