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New Home instead of a Resale

According to an article on MSN, it’s better to buy newly built properties because they have greater efficiency and are more customized. New homes typically get higher selling price per square feet than resale homes, especially the distressed homes and foreclosed properties. US News spoke to experts about the reasons why newly built homes are a better purchase than older homes, and the local San Antonio moving specialists are here to share with you the list of benefits.

Customization is high up there on that list. Many homebuilders allow buyers to contribute in the design if their home, which creates more of the living space the new owners would want and desire. New homebuyers can decide fro granite countertops, appliances and swatch color of paint. They can also pick their favorite flooring and sometimes even decide a layout of a certain room. There’s immediately more ownership with this customization process.

The San Antonio movers also found out that since building codes have required higher energy efficiency standards, when home buyers purchase a newly built home, their house has plenty of more energy savings and is more green, saving them money in the long run. That can include energy efficient water heaters and major appliances to even better isolation and ceiling fans installed. All of these upgrades reduce utility bills and saves the environment at the same time.

When homes are new, there are virtually no repairs for the first few years. And if there are, they’re usually small maintenance projects, no major overhaul projects or upgrades like new roofing. So that also saves the homeowners money and lets them concentrate on budgeting for their monthly mortgage. People can also get warranty by some builders for a minimum of a year, where they agree to do any repairs.

Financing is another perk when buying a new home. Many of the newer homes have their own mortgage companies or they’ll offer paying points or to pay the closing costs. So if you’re planning on moving to a newly built home, call All My Sons of San Antonio to help you with your move. We’ll assemble and disassemble your furniture, load up our moving truck with all of your moving boxes, quilt-pad wrap your fragile personal belongings and simply make the stress-free for you.