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Be Good to Your Neighbors

Moving into a new home and neighborhood can be a stressful situation at first. There's a lot to deal with as you settle into your new place. There's unpacking, cleaning, decorating and of course getting to know the area. Another thing that can weigh heavily on your new lifestyle is your relationship with your new neighbors. They either live right next door or down a few houses, and they are people you'll certainly encounter for the years to come. Neighbors can also affect the value of your property. If their homes aren't maintained including landscaping, repairs aren't being made, then that affects the price tag of your home.

It's important to have a good relationship with your neighbors. You might need their help one day or have to borrow something as well. Try to stay away from neighborly disputes and have open communication with them. The first thing you need to remember is to treat your neighbors as well as you'd like to be treated. It's a basic rule but it works. If you respect them they will respect you in return.

Remember that your needs or perspective on things can be different than theirs. Your financial situations might also be different. So, for example, if you feel you need a fence between your backyard and theirs, don't assume that their okay with splitting the costs. They might not have the financial means at the time to afford to pay up. What you can do instead is work out a plan that benefits both parties. If you can afford to, you can pay up for the fence and have them make payments every month. Or work out some boundaries and need no fence altogether for the moment. You'll also have to deal with tastes and preferences in deciding what kind of fence to purchase should you choose to, so communication is key.

When dealing with neighbors, always try to first address a situation with them directly before calling up authorities. Unless of course it's unlawful behavior. When discussing things with them, forget the attitude. Talk nicely, clearly and with respect. That will get you further than using bad language and manners. Compromising is also a big deal between neighbors. Find the middle ground to various situations.

Finally if you feel your situation can't be resolved with your neighbors, all you can do is leave your neighborhood and find a new one. If you'll be moving within the San Antonio area, call the local San Antonio movers for professional moving services. All My Sons of San Antonio are backed by four generations of reputable movers and have moving offices across America in places like Nashville, Maryland, Salt Lake City, Jacksonville and more cities. The San Antonio moving specialists will quilt pad wrap your furniture and safely move your personal belongings into your new home.