Rating 4.6

My Move From The Dominion to Boerne

I needed to move from my 2-bedroom apartment in the Dominion to Boerne, TX and even though I don’t think this is considered a very big move, I wanted to make sure that it was done right. I took my time to pack my personal belongings well and also took the time to research online for a moving company. I read what people had to say in forums and blogs, and of course I also asked the people I knew if they can recommend a good moving company. For me, price wasn’t the only factor I was going to consider. I mean what good is moving company if they are cheap but don’t do the job right. What if you didn’t pay a lot, but your belongings arrived broken in your new place, I really wanted to find a moving company that had a good reputation and had years of experience.

In the end, I found All My Sons Moving and Storage of San Antonio online. They had a bunch of information on their website and even had a blog. You can request a quote online too which I thought was impressive. All My Sons of San Antonio is also licensed and insured and, I learned, is backed up by four generations worth of moving experience. Basically, they’ve been doing this forever. On the day of the move, I have to be honest I was a little nervous when they first started loading up their truck and transferring my stuff. Especially when they got to the dining table. It’s all made of wood with eight antique chairs to match. It means a lot to me because it was a gift my parents have given me when I first moved in. But as soon as I saw them quilt wrap the legs of the dining table and gather up a few of the San Antonio movers to transfer it, I was more relaxed. My belongings were in good hands, they really knew what they were doing. I realized I should let them do their job and stay out of their way. I had in fact chosen this All My Sons moving company because I had read about how great their employees and movers were. Their experience was seen loud and clear on the day of the move.

Once we arrived to Boerne in my new apartment, they proceeded in placing everything where it belonged. They were asking me where I want the dining table, the bed, certain boxes, my desk and everything else. They took the time to finish up this part of the job with the same patience and care they did the first part of the move. The All My Sons of San Antonio movers were truly remarkable in the way they work together as well as their efficiency. I was so happy that I chose All My Sons Moving and Storage to move my 2-bedroom place from the Dominion to Boerne.
This testimonial was by Alex Bly, Boerne, TX