Rating 4.6

My Corporate Move to New Braunfels

It’s hard enough to make it to work on Monday morning after a nice, relaxing weekend so imagine my enthusiasm on that Monday where I had to move my private pediatric clinic from San Antonio to New Braunfels. I was so tired and overwhelmed just by looking at the packed boxes and all the equipment I would have to move. The only thing that put me in a little better mood is the fact that the All My Sons San Antonio movers were on their way. I had done some research online when I was looking for a moving company that does corporate moves and found All My Sons Moving and Storage of San Antonio. I was truly impressed with their website. They had a bunch of information on there about the area, as well as a blog and a few other resources to help people. You can also answer a few questions and get a quote which was a feature I played around with. But I’m more of a phone person, so I called them to ask a few questions of my own which they were more than happy to answer. I really found their customer service great and felt comfortable with having All My Sons of San Antonio do my corporate move.

The San Antonio movers showed up at 8 am sharp at my clinic in San Antonio and with extra boxes, bubble wrap, quilt-padding and tape in hand. I guess they wanted to make sure that I did a good job packing my equipment and files and all the rest of my stuff. While they were loading the truck, they stopped a few times to tape up a few unsecure boxes and pad some of the wooden desks. They told me that would make sure that nothing would get damaged. I really appreciated the extra care they took while transferring my belongings onto the truck. The All My Sons San Antonio movers did an amazing job for me. They moved all my stuff without anything getting damaged all the way to New Braunfels. Once there, they unloaded the equipment in the appropriate rooms. This clinic was a little bigger because my patients were growing in numbers and I need a bigger place. So by the time they left each room had the appropriate boxes, desks, fax machines, computers and all the rest of my stuff. I was truly impressed with All My Sons Moving and Storage from San Antonio. They made me a lot less stresses about moving and I would definitely use them again. The next time my practice gets even bigger and I need a bigger place for my clinic.
This testimonial was by James Watson, New Braunfels, TX