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Many Families, One Roof

There's a big trend in real estate these days causing many families to live under one roof. The multigenerational household includes many relatives from grandparents, to children, step-children and more. The local San Antonio movers learned that 4.4 million American households have three generations or more living under one roof. All My Sons of San Antonio found out, there are 51.4 million Americans currently living with more than two generations. According to the Census Bureau, multigenerational households went up 30% between 2000 and 2010.

These multigenerational homes are upgraded to fit the new reality. Residents are adding square footage and renovating rooms to make space comfortable for all members of the family. When so many people are living together, it's important they each have their privacy as individuals and as couples. The number of bathrooms and driveway space becomes important. The everyday routines have to be functional for all. The local San Antonio movers have learned that some of these multigenerational homes have two kitchens and multiple, separate living spaces. With all of the home foreclosures, evictions, high unemployment rate an short sales, it's no surprise that this type of move is picking up speed. 

 Through the Great Depression, a quarter of Americans lived with extended family but by the 80s, it was down to 12% from 25% in 1940. In 2008, through the Great Recession, the number went up again, with estimates being at 16% of Americans currently in multigenerational households. Research shows that these households have a significantly lower rate of poverty and a much higher average income at $48,542 instead of $41,115 in 2009. The local San Antonio movers know that these extended families like living together to share the expenses such as utilities and share the responsibilities of maintain a home. The everyday tasks of cooking and cleaning, even grocery shopping, is a lot more manageable when you're living with relatives. Someone always picks up where someone else left off. Experts even say that there's less stress and more emotional fulfillment. 23.4% of Latino households and 25.9% of Asian households in the U.S. are multigenerational.

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