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Moving to San Antonio in Bad Weather

With an upcoming move to San Antonio in a few days, your schedule is packed with a lot of moving errands to finish. Such errands may include notifying a variety of places of your change address, scheduling an installation with your Internet/cable provider, shopping for new furniture and décor, and so on. Once you’ve finished most of these tasks, you check your favorite weather app for the forecast on moving day. You get a sinking feeling when you see it will be pouring buckets the day you move out. Not to worry as our San Antonio movers tell you more about moving to San Antonio in bad weather.

Use Plastic Instead

Normally, our movers would advise against using so much plastic for your upcoming move, but considering current weather conditions, it would be best to use plastic storage containers. Using cardboard boxes while moving to San Antonio in bad weather puts the contents inside at risk of damage as cardboard can quickly destabilize when moisture comes in contact. When you use plastic storage bins, you keep the valuables inside safe from moisture. As an alternative, you can use plastic wrap for moving boxes to lower their chances of becoming wet.

If neither option works out for you, feel free to choose our San Antonio packing services. With bad weather in mind, our movers use waterproof packing material to ensure the contents inside do not become prone to damage. A plus to using our services is you’ll save time on packing, allowing you to take care of other pressing, moving matters.

Shorten Distance

With so much moisture on the ground from the rain, you must be careful not to track so much inside as it makes you susceptible to slips and falls. Instead of walking far distances with the moving boxes, stack them all in a dry spot near your front door. This way you’ll have a shorter distance between what you need to carry out and the doorway. If you have a garage, that’s even better as you’ll have a much shorter distance to travel between your packed belongings and the back of the moving truck.

Create an Assembly Line

If you’re going to have help moving to San Antonio, enlist others to create an assembly line. For instance, assign someone to bring packed bins to the threshold and have someone else take the bins to bring to the back of the moving truck.

The San Antonio Movers Have Your Back

When it comes to moving in San Antonio weather, rain or shine, make sure to call our Texas movers first. We offer a variety of moving services that can be performed in any weather condition. With over twenty years of experience in the relocation industry, our movers are more than reliable for your upcoming move. Don’t delay, call us today for your free moving quote.