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Eight Moving Tips You Never Knew You Needed

Stress less when moving day finally comes with some of these tips from your local San Antonio movers. After all, with All My Sons Moving & Storage, you can rest assured knowing that your belongings are in good hands. All you need is the help of your local San Antonio moving company, paired with these eight moving tips you never knew you needed, in order to have that stress-free moving day.

  1. Color Code. When packing all of your belongings into boxes, use color-coded tape to seal each box. Use a different color for each room in your new San Antonio home, for a seamless unpacking experience.
  2. Trash Bags. Out of garment bags for the most beloved items of your wardrobe? Instead of risking your favorite clothes getting ruined during your move to San Antonio, use trash bags to cover them up. Just take about 12 hangers with clothes on them, slide the trash bag up and create a hole through the bottom of the bag. As if by magic, neither wrinkles nor wasted time will hassle you on moving day.
  3. Plastic Wrap. Meet your new best friend, plastic wrap. Wrap everything from drawers, utensil trays to bookshelves with plastic wrap and watch the amount of time spent packing and unpacking cut in half.
  4. Frisbees. Why take the risk of scratching your floors when sliding your furniture during moving? Place Frisbees underneath the feet of your furniture to avoid leaving any accidental nicks. Plus, you can play Frisbee after your San Antonio moving company finishes moving you in.
  5. Tape Handles. Use extra sturdy tape to create handles on your moving boxes. Just wrap a couple layers around the box to make sure the handle will not break. It will make moving that much easier, as well as make sure that your belongings are extra secure.
  6. Styrofoam Plates. Place Styrofoam plates in between your real plates for added protection and padding when moving. You will also avoid having to hear clanking the whole trip to San Antonio.
  7. Protect Your TV. If you have the original boxes for your TV’s, then San Antonio movers suggest that you use them to safely pack your TV for the move. However, if the boxes accidentally got thrown out somewhere along the way, then protect the screen by placing a towel or blanket over it.
  8. Socks. Ball up your socks and place them in the empty crevices of your moving boxes – in one easy move, you have added extra protection, as well as gave yourself one less thing that you have to be worried about packing.