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Moving Shopping List

When it’s time to move, there are several expenses that come along with the residential move. Depending in what step of the move you’re in, you’ll notice there are different demands.

For example, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of moving is where to? So youmight have to shop for a new house or a rental. Once you have the space of your dream chosen, next comes packing. To successfully pack, you need good quality moving boxes. While you’re shopping for various sizes of moving boxes, you’re also thinking of shopping for professional moving company.

If you live in the San Antonio, Texas area, just call the local San Antonio movers. All My Sons of San Antonio is a reputable moving company backed by four generations of movers with All My Sons Moving and Storage locations across the U.S. including Jacksonville, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Atlanta, Birmingham and so many more. Our local San Antonio moving specialists will quilt pad wrap your delicate furniture as well as help you disassemble and reassemble some of your bigger household items. With reputable movers, you’re guaranteed a smooth moving day with no hassles. All My Sons of San Antonio will get you settled in your new space in no time.

Speaking of this new space, you’ll need some basics to start with. Next on the shopping list are all those household items that help put you on the path of living in your new home. These items can include a first aid kit, paper towels, shower curtains, blinds, flashlights and a bunch of cleaning products and supplies such as a broom, all-purpose cleaner and trash bags. This list also includes all the tools and extras you’ll need to decorate your space, think hammer, tape, hanging nails and that sort of thing.

Paper plates and plastic cups as well as utensils can help make things easier during the first days that you’re settling in and unpacking. Canned goods and quick microwavable dinners can also help you save money because you won’t be eating out three times a day.

Finally, a moving shopping list might include new furniture or decorative pieces/accents for your new home. The budget doesn’t have to be a big, because you can buy from online classifieds or garage sales. Big box furniture stores also have great seasonal sales where you can score fantastic things for a little price tag.