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Five Common Mistakes People Make When Moving

As soon as you know that a move from one home to another is in your future, you are bound to be confronted with stories about moves gone awry. You may hear about the wrong moving truck showing up, damaged items, and even worse.  If you want to avoid falling into some of the same moving disasters that these story-tellers organized, then take a good look at this list of common mistakes:

Putting Off the Packing

This mistake is one of the most common made by those who haven’t moved before, and one that even those who have moved often still commit. People feel like they have plenty of time over the next month or two to get packing. So they put off boxing up the basement or neglect to go through their drawers and cabinets, only to discover that their San Antonio movers have arrived and the house is not ready! Give yourself at least eight weeks and work hard to be sure that everything is boxed and labeled before moving day comes around.

Not Knowing What Can Be Packed and What Should Not Be

There are some items that you will want to take care of yourself. These include laptops, heirlooms, and any other precious or fragile items. Even when you are working with top quality, professional movers, there is a chance that something might get broken. Wrap these items carefully and then take them with you in your own car.

There are also some items that San Antonio movers have good reason to be concerned about transporting. These include cleaning agents, chemicals, batteries, combustible items, and more. Your movers will probably give you some packing information. Review this paperwork carefully. As you are able to follow those guidelines, your move should be much smoother and safer.

Giving the Movers Inaccurate Information

In order for movers to give you an accurate estimate, you need to provide them with correct information regarding everything that you will expect them to move. You may get a low estimate by under-representing the amount of furniture and property you have to move, but in the end, you’ll still wind up paying the full amount. This can be very annoying for the movers and frustrating for you. With accurate information, the San Antonio movers can provide you with a good estimate and will also be able to prepare appropriately for the specific items that you need to have moved.

Not Hiring Any Moving Company

This is a common mistake especially among those people who haven’t moved before. It is easy to under-estimate the amount of planning and work that goes into a successful move. As you work with experienced movers, you are likely to discover that those professionals can help you with more than just moving your items onto the truck.

Choosing Movers Based Simply on Price

You might be opening yourself up to serious risks when you choose the cheapest movers. Some of the consequences suffered by those who chose movers based on the lowest price include much higher costs than originally quoted, damaged or stolen belongings, or switched moving equipment. Do a little bit of research into each moving company that you are considering so that you are sure to find the San Antonio movers that will treat you right.