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Moving Day Made Simple

Moving can be hard but it doesn’t have to be. There are steps you can take to make the entire experience a little smoother. The All My Sons of San Antonio moving team suggest you organize the entire operation, having responsibilities and duties done before, during and after the big move.

The pre-moving tasks include planning ahead and getting ready. Things like notifying the post office of your new address as well as your other service providers such as magazine companies, credit card companies, your local bank, utility providers such as cable and electricity and so on. You should also get rid of the items you won’t want to pack and drag with you to your new home. Sift through things and try to lighten the load.

For packing, try to put away the out of season items first. Clothing you are not using currently followed buy things you don’t use on a day-to-day basis, such as books, cds, movies and so on. The last things you should pack are the ones you are consistently using, like work clothes, kitchenware and so on. For professional moving boxes, you can try ordering them online through companies like All My Sons Moving Supplies. You’ll have all sorts of moving box sizes and moving kits as well to make the entire experience easier. Don’t forget to label everything for an easier unpacking when you settle in your dream home. And also pack the heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter ones in bigger boxes to reduce the chances of the boxes splitting up.

You should have a few boxes that have very personal things such as jewelry, birth certificates and other important documents, financial records and those sorts of items that you can personally move yourself on moving day. These are very valuable things and should be by your side at all times. Another personal box should include the things you’ll need for your first and second day in your new home. You probably won’t be able to unpack the first few days, but you’ll still need to have a few belongings to go about your day.

On moving day, remember to do a final walk through in your apartment. Check your closets, cabinets and make sure nothing has been left behind. If it was a rental, don’t forget to get your deposit back from your landlord.

A few days before you’re ready to move into your new home, give the San Antonio movers a call for professional moving services. Our San Antonio moving specialists will quilt pad wrap your belongings and take care of every detail of your move so you can get home and get settled. All My Sons of San Antonio guarantees a stress-free move!