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All About Moving Brokers

The local San Antonio movers have been in the moving business for many years now and have professional movers that are backed by four generations of movers. There are All My Sons moving companies across the state including All My Sons of Atlanta, All My Sons of Raleigh, All My Sons of West Palm Beach. The San Antonio movers along with all of the All My Sons Moving and Storage moving company does not use the services of moving brokers. When you call an All My Sons moving office, you're dealing with an All My Sons moving representative. Whatever type of move you'd like to schedule, whether it's a residential move, a commercial move or even an auto move, you'll still be dealing with an All My Sons moving representative.

So what is a moving broker? They act as the middleman between the person who wants to move and a mover. They arrange to find a mover either through an affiliated moving carrier or by posting details online about a specific move or even call up their own contacts. When the "job" is posted online, the moving broker gets bids based on the details he or she provided. These details can include location, distance, number of rooms and particular/specialty goods. The moving broker typically collects a deposit or a fee based on the estimate of how much the move will cost. But using a moving broker can mean that the agreed upon moving estimate is not what a consumer will actually end up paying. The broker can promise one quote, while the actual mover gives the consumer another once there's more knowledge about the move.

All My Sons of San Antonio knows there have been many moving scams tied to moving brokers that's why they prefer to work directly with customers, so there's no miscommunication or misinterpretation along the way. When customers work with the local San Antonio moving specialists they know what to expect because everything is agreed upon and clearly laid out before moving detail. Every detail is discussed and the planning is done. If you're looking for a credible moving company with reliable movers, trust All My Sons moving. You really can’t go wrong! You can expect help with assembling your furniture as well as quilt pad wrapping for your more delicate belongings. When you're ready to move, get affordable moving quote on the All My Sons of San Antonio website.