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Moving Right Along

Moving is one of the largest undertakings that a person can take, even though it may not seem like it. There’s quite a commitment involved with moving, from where you’re moving to how long you’ll be staying there. Careful considerations have to be made about the time you move, the neighborhood you’ll be living in, how you’ll decorate, how much you’re willing to pay and if you want to live by yourself or with roommates. Having a helpful checklist can make the moving process much easier, as will employing the services of qualified San Antonio movers.

Be Prepared

If you’re planning on doing all of your own packing, then it’s recommended that you give yourself at least a month to get all of your belongings safely organized and packed away. If not, you run the risk of forgetting to pack something and feeling rushed when it’s finally time to start loading all of those boxes on the moving truck. Get together any packing supplies that you might need a month before you’re due to move, make sure that all packed boxes weigh less than 50 pounds, place heavier items at the bottom of the box and cram fabric items like scarves, socks and pillow cases in the cracks between packed items. Following these packaging tips will make the process much more efficient.

The Moving Truck

If you decide not to hire San Antonio movers, then you should at least think about renting a moving truck. If you do, make sure that you pack it properly in order to make the most use out of every square inch in the truck. The heaviest and largest items, such as appliances, should be packed away first; make sure that the truck is properly balanced by having heavy items on both sides. Next, you’ll want to add long items, such as box springs, mirrors and mattresses along the long walls of the truck. Mattress covers should be used for your sofa and mattress to keep them from tearing and ripping. Lighter and more fragile items should always be added to the truck last.


Many people wonder if they should spend money on new boxes for moving or if they should see if grocery stores and friends have any used boxes that they can take off of their hands. The answer to this question is that it depends on what type of items you’ll be moving. For new and expensive items, you’ll be better off getting all new boxes, but just make sure that they aren’t too big or too heavy to lift. Even if you hire movers you may have to move the box with your own strength once you’ve moved into your new place. For items like pillows, shoes, knickknacks and CD cases, used boxes will be fine. Besides differently sized boxes, there are also different types of boxes that you might be interested in. There are hanging wardrobe boxes, lay down wardrobe boxes, picture/mirror boxes, mattress boxes and boxes made specifically for dishes.

San Antonio movers can make the moving process faster and much more efficient. Consult with a moving company to see how they can help plan your big move.