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Oh My, You’re Moving

Don’t panic. Yes, it can be a lot of work, but if you’re prepared for what’s to come, It’s not that bad. Plus, just focus on the positive side of things, you’ll be going to a brand new place, for a fresh new start. Plus, if you live in the San Antonio area, you’ll be able to hire the local San Antonio movers and guarantee yourself a stress-free move and transport to your new home. All My Sons of San Antonio is a licensed and insured moving company that hires career-minded movers. They have experience in all types of moves specializing in residential and commercial moves. All you have to do is be prepared.

At first, you’ll be overwhelmed with all the content you have at home. You’ll wonder where all of it came from, forgetting it was one shopping bag at a time. The good news is that you’ll discover a lot of things you thought you lost or never had to begin with. Plus, you’ll find out your wardrobe is much bigger than you thought.

While packing your own belongings, you should visit your new place a few times so you can assess how much space you have. The new place might be bigger, smaller or just shaped differently, so you might have to get rid of some of the extra baggage. The San Antonio movers suggest you call up a charity that can come and collect some of your extra belongings, especially old clothes, shoes, electronics and that sort of thing.

When packing, try to keep everything organized and try to do it systematically. As soon as you know you're moving and have selected your moving company of choice, set aside several hours a week to pack. Make sure you have your packing supplies so you’re ready to go. All My Sons can ship you a wide variety of packing supplies and moving kits including moving boxes, tape, marker and more. At this point, you’ll have less to pack because you hopefully had a charity come and collect the excess.

You can use newsprint to pad some of the more delicate stuff or bubble wrap which is included in the moving kits from All My Sons moving. When you’re putting away your china, try to avoid stacking too much, because the weakest point of a plate is its center. Pack your moving boxes full so that it’s secure and things don’t shift around within the box.

If you’d like to make transferring your clothes a little easier and save yourself some unpacking time in your new home, try using wardrobe boxes. You can directly transfer the clothing from your closet to the rod on the box.

When packing lamps, such as reading lamps or office lamps, remove the shades and pack separately. When packing electronics, make sure cables, remotes and batteries are in a plastic bag in the same box as the appliance. It makes for much easier unpacking later on.

Moving isn’t so bad when you are organized and prepared for it. Take it one day at a time and hire a professional and reliable moving company like All My sons of San Antonio. If you work with reputable movers, moving can be a very positive experience.