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How to Minimize the Shock of Moving to an Unfamiliar Area

Maybe you’re heading off to college in a new town, or are retiring to a place with a better cost of living. Or you might have a new job in a different area, or you simply want a change. For whatever reason you’re moving, it can be a real culture shock if your new home is far from the place you’ve lived for years. The traffic may be different, people’s accents and manners can seem strange, the customs and food might be unfamiliar, and the weather can be downright weird. Moving to a different state can seem like moving to another country!

Before getting in touch with your San Antonio movers to help you to your new place, it will be well worth it to research the region you’re moving to. This can help minimize the shock and start getting you acclimated to your new home before you even set foot there.

Weather changes

Moving to an adjacent state should be relatively easy to adjust to, where weather is concerned. But if you’re moving from Texas to Alaska, from the West Coast to the Midwest, or anywhere with significant elevation or geological differences, you’re going to run into some major weather changes. If you’re unfamiliar with snow, you’ll want to be sure you have proper clothing before winter hits. If you’ve grown up in a hot, dry climate, be prepared if you move to a tropical region and read up on tips about how to deal with humidity. Regional weather patterns can also be a safety issue. You will want to know how to prepare if your new place is known for tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, or floods.

Shopping, traffic, and entertainment

Nothing is worse than moving to a new area and not knowing where anything is, especially with an unfamiliar road system. It can help to research the interstates that go through your new town, as well as the roads and side streets you’ll most commonly be taking in your neighborhood. Find out which supermarkets and shopping centers are closest to your area, and plan your routes ahead of time. Look up traffic trends and statistics to see if your new town is known for accidents and road rage, or if the drivers are more laid back. Finally, look up nearby parks, movie theaters, gyms and natural recreational areas so you can get out and enjoy the benefits your new place has to offer.

Making friends

Moving to a new place and leaving your friends behind is painful. Nothing can be lonelier than settling into a new town and having nobody to hang out with. Even if you’re married and/or have children, it’s always good to have some friends to do things with. Before your move, look up groups and forums on social media sites for people who have the same interests as you. Find people who share your hobbies, religious beliefs, physical activities, and other interests. Join their groups online and get to know them for several weeks before you move, so by the time you’re in your new town you’ll have someone to welcome you.

Moving to a new area can be intimidating, but it can also be an exciting fresh start. Researching your new place before hiring your San Antonio movers can make all the difference.