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Big Television, Small Living Room?

Who doesn’t love these new flat screen TVs jampacked with extra features and fancy remote controls? What about the even newer trend of 3D viewing? Ask anyone, especially on popular sports game days, wouldn’t you love a giant TV and see what kind of answers you get. But along with this trend of bigger is better, these days new construction homes are being built smaller, consequently with smaller living rooms or entertainment rooms. So how do you manage a big TV in a small room?

One thing the local San Antonio movers learned is that with a bigger television you can sit even closer to it and still get a great viewing experience. The higher the resolution the closer you can sit. But even with this fact, you still need a somewhat decent size of a space to accommodate this large household item. Some older entertainment centers aren’t even large enough to hold a television of today’s size.

The local San Antonio movers learned that the general rule of thumb is that by taking the diagonal distance of your TV, such as the popular 40”, and multiplying it by 1.5, you’ll get the minimum distance for which you should be away from the TV. So for a 40” television, viewing distance should be at 60” which is like saying 5 feet. The one thing you want to make sure of is that you don’t sit close enough that you see individual pixels.

The All My Sons of San Antonio remind you that you might have to also hang your TV or place it on furniture. In this case, you have to make sure that your eyes are level with the bottom third of the furniture. In many homes the TV is the center piece of the living room, not the entertainment display where its sitting. So make sure you highlight it and not overshadow the TV with growing plants or excessive decorative accessories.

Hopefully, your TV is where you like it. If you just moved into a new place, you can always call professionals to help you with installing your television or even help you hang it on the wall. They’ll make sure it’s sturdy and that your wall can withstand the weight of it. The San Antonio movers hope this article helps you with figuring out the perfect viewing distance for you and your family. Happy viewing!