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A Look At The Daily Routine Of San Antonio Movers

Moving is a profession that combines physical labor and customer service. Some movers choose to work for larger companies, while others prefer to own and operate their own small business. Movers use tools to make their jobs easier, and the type of trucks they drive can depend on the size and distance of each move. Some movers specialize in helping customers move across the country or internationally, while others mainly focus on providing service in one general area. The daily routine of San Antonio movers can include helping customers with packing, loading and unloading boxes, and driving trucks between different locations.

Customer Service

One element of working in the moving profession is interacting with customers. Understandably, customers want to make sure their items are handled with care and their furniture is kept intact. As such, they may want to supervise the process and manage the movement of movers during the loading and unloading of a truck. Movers can listen to the concerns of customers and take into account any special instructions that are given for a particular item.

There are people other than those that physically move items who work at moving companies. There may be a person in charge of scheduling jobs, and there may be managers for each team of movers. Each of these people can interact with customers as their job requires, including answering their questions and finding a good time to a schedule a move.

Tools and Trucks

Movers use a variety of equipment to lift and transport items on and off a truck. Smaller boxes are stacked on hand trucks, while some pieces of furniture may need to be moved by hand with the help of multiple individuals. San Antonio movers can be on a tight schedule, so it is important for them to maximize the time they have available using the right tools for the job. Some moving companies are able to use specialized equipment to transport oversized and fragile items, such as pianos. Rigging may be used to move the piano out of a building and into a truck. When you are moving items of this nature, it is important to choose a company with experience, so you can protect your investment and make sure they are not damaged during transport.

Moving trucks are typically listed by the length of the cargo hold. The size of truck used may be contingent upon the distance of a move. If someone is moving to a different state, they may choose to share a truck with other customers. Each customer’s items are still loaded separately, but sharing a truck can produce cost savings that are passed down to the customer.

Careers in Moving

Moving is a good job choice for people who would rather not sit still at a desk all day. People can generally start working as movers as long they are physically capable of performing the job and meet other job requirements. A person with  a commercial license can drive a moving truck, and as such, it may be easier for the person to find a job. Once a person gains experience with a moving company, they may move on to other positions within the company, such as acting as a supervisor that coordinates larger moves. Being a mover is about more than just physical labor and transporting stuff. The best San Antonio movers take pride in their work and focus on protecting a customer’s belongings.