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What San Antonio Locals Know

Many people are currently moving to the 7th largest city in the United States.  However, many might not know a lot about what San Antonio, Texas has to offer.  A lot of people only think of San Antonio as a place in Texas.  They might reasonably assume that Texas is hot place and know the slogan, “Everything is bigger in Texas!”  But, that does not tell soon-to-be-locals much about downtown San Antonio or the surrounding areas.  First, you will need to hire San Antonio movers to get your stuff (multiple cars included) to San Antonio.  After unpacking, you will have the opportunity to explore a very different part of Texas and a unique metropolitan area in the United States. 

The greater San Antonio area is known as a melting pot or cultural mosaic.  It is a place where Mexican culture meets modern urban planning meets cowboy lore.  San Antonio            boasts some of the best food.  It focuses on traditional barbeque and Mexican cuisines.  The two somehow collided and Tex-Mex was born, or the American rendition of authentic Mexican food.  Tex-Mex came about sort of how Chop Suey originated from a Chinese chef in San Francisco during the Gold Rush era.  San Antonio has some of the best food in the state along with other cultural and historical attractions.

San Antonio is also home to the largest Mexican market in the United States.  For people who like to experience other cultures first-hand, San Antonio can be the place to go.  There is also a large art community not too far from downtown.  Another tourist attraction is the River Walk, complete with gondola sightings and waterfront restaurants.  Even if you’re not a gondola person, you never know when you will get the opportunity to be an impromptu addition to someone else’s family album. Go to San Antonio to see the sites and stay for the food. 

Like any place claiming to belong (or to once have belonged) to the Wild West, San Antonio has a large Rodeo.  For those who have never attended a rodeo, they are fun.  Think of football but with livestock and no teams.  Rodeos are exciting but refreshingly low-key compared to major sporting events that the nation watches weekly.  You still get to go to the game and see who can ride a bull or bronco for 8 seconds.  Refreshing beverages and snacks are for sale, and you’ll get to see the reigning Rodeo queen, a young woman who usually doubles as a pageant queen in her spare time, gallop around the perimeter of the ring instead of cheerleaders.  If you want to personally ride horses, you can easily drive to a nearby dude ranch.  Not to worry, you will probably ride an elderly gelding instead of anything that bucks and kicks. 

Before you can explore what San Antonio has to offer and know what the locals do, you have to physically hire San Antonio movers to help you get there.  Only locals know about certain gems found way off of the beaten path, but there is in all likelihood something San Antonio and the greater San Antonio area can offer anyone, including you.