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Update on Loan Modification Program

Just recently, All My Sons of San Antonio movers learnt that the number of homeowners dropping out of the $75 billion Obama administration’s main mortgage assistance plan is growing, according to online news. Officials are still insisting that the program is helping people and the housing market, critics are saying it’s just delaying the increase in foreclosures.

This mortgage assistance program was designed to lower borrower’s monthly payments by reducing mortgage rates to as low as 2% for five years and extending the loan terms as long as 40 years.

As of last month, over 299,000 homeowners received permanent loan modifications according to the Treasury Department, which equals to 25% of the 1.2 million homeowners who started the program back in March 2009. These people are paying about $516 less on their monthly mortgage. To complete the mortgage assistance program, homeowners have to pay their payments on time for three months. About 277,000 homeowners, 23% of those enrolled, have ‘dropped out’, which is up 79% compared to the month before.

A lot of homeowners are just caught in the middle, they can’t finalize the process and stuck dealing with a lot of bureaucracy. They aren’t getting answers and they are stuck waiting.

Allegedly, new bank employees are being hired to deal with this mortgage assistance program as well as new centers popping up to help more people. There are also foreclosure prevention events around taking place around the country.

At first, a lot of the participating banks allowed borrowers to sate their income verbally and provide proof of their income later, so that slowed if not blocked the system because many homeowners didn’t provide complete documents and some even said their information was lost. So with loan modifications that are starting June 1, 2010, officials have asked banks to collect two pay stubs at the beginning of the process.

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