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Bigger Home or Better School District

According to an article on MSN.com, many families are forced to make a decision between living in a bigger, better home or choosing a better school for their children. The article says that typically families looking to move up are looking to cash in on their home’s equity in favor of a bigger house, but that for families looking for a better school district, finding a bigger or better home might not really be an option.
The Wall Street Journal says that “when housing markets go south, areas with exceptional schools tend to hold their value better than the market overall.”

The Wall Street Journal says that one of the reasons for which home values ten to stay high in good school districts is because parents are always looking for great schools and the ones that have the best test scores and ratings, in national and regional magazines and publications. These neighborhoods also tend to be more affluent and aren’t hit as hard as the rest of the areas during a real estate bust. Even in areas that have foreclosures, their neighborhoods with good school districts don’t have a huge drop in home values. In Irvine, California, for example, the San Antonio movers learnt that the average price per square foot has fallen 18% since its peak in 2006, but that the greater metro surrounding Irvine, fell 33%.

All My Sons of San Antonio movers suggest you really research the school districts and compare the schools, both in the area you’re currently living and the neighborhood you’d potentially want to move into. Don’t forget to also check out private schools as well as charter schools. Another option is to maybe wait for the real estate market to get better so you can get more money from selling your home before you move.

Once you find the school district you’re most happy with, ask the San Antonio local movers to help you with your move. We’ll assembles and disassemble your furniture as well as quilt-pad wrap the most delicate furniture, we’ll carefully load our moving truck with your major appliances and moving boxes, and take care of all the details of your residential mover. When you hire a professional moving company like All My Sons of San Antonio, know that you’re getting an insured and licensed moving company as well as experienced movers.