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Purchasing LEED-Certified Properties

According to the Green Building Council which created the LEED standards back in 2000, as of July of this year almost 23,000 housing units around the world have some leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification. Nearly 86,000 are also on their way to become greener. The local San Antonio movers learned that LEED rates homes based on factors such as sustainable harvested wood, energy usage and more. Homes can be certified, silver, gold or platinum in their green rankings. In terms of financial value, owning a green home can add to your investment. According to University of California researchers, green home labels increased single-family home prices by 9%.

In Chicago's Lincoln Square, a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom LEED certified home can go for about $435,000. This includes bamboo floors, sunny east views to reduce lighting needs and its location allows for less car use since it's right in front of shops and dining establishments. The local San Antonio movers learned luxury can also go hand in hand with being greener, such as granite counters, marble spa sized bath and private terrace. In Los Angeles, a 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom LEED certified winner of local American Institute of Architects' Design Award home is for sale at $1.175 million. The All My Sons of San Antonio found out this award-winning home has solar panels, dual-pane windows, tankless water heater and paint with low volatile organic compound content. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow for more sunlight reducing the need of lighting.

In South Carolina, a bigger LEED certified home goes for much less than in trendy California. In the city of Lexington the local San Antonio moving specialists found out all you need is $284,900 for a 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 3,062 square foot home. In a luxurious part of Alexandria, Virginia, a greener home will set you back $807,900. The Old Town Commons Town area boasts programmable thermostats, low-flow water fixtures and light-colored roofs. In new Paltz, NY, there's a community of net zero homes called Green Acres which aim to produce as much energy as they consume every year. Its location is about 90 miles north from New York city. The houses were built using insulated concrete forms for walls, solar panels for electricity, geothermal heating systems and triple-pane windows.

San Antonio, Texas has plenty of green home communities such as the Estates at Indian Springs, the Old Fredericksburg Estates, Monterrey Village and Stillwater Ranch. If you need help moving into green communities, just call the local San Antonio moving specialists for professional moving services at affordable moving quotes. All My Sons of San Antonio is backed by four generations of movers with moving offices in Nashville, Salt Lake City, Atlanta and Birmingham.