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Kirby Texas

According to Wikipedia online, Kirby is a city in Bexar County. It was founded as an agricultural settlement along the Southern Pacific railroad by German immigrants in the 1900 and around 1955,Kirby became more of a suburban community when the city was incorporated. In 1920 the population was about 18 people, mostly farmers and German was the spoken language. In the 50s, the population grew to 600.

After a two year long draught farmers decided to sell their land to the city and homes and roads were eventually built.

The northern and southern part of Kirby are really different in terms of culture and look. The northern part includes Kirby Middle School as well as the Sothern Pacific railroad tracks. Southern Kirby includes Hopkins Elementary School named after longtime principal Joseph Hopkins. This zone is divided between a strictly agricultural sector between Hopkins Elementary plus Candlewood Elementary and the homes of the astronaut streets on the other side of Binz Engleman.

Kirby has various neighborhoods, including Kirby Manor, Old Town and Astronaut Streets. Kirby Manor has houses built between the 50s and 60s. There’s a mix of native settlers and younger people moving in from other places in San Antonio. If you’d like to move to Kirby, don’t hesitate to call the professional movers of All My Sons of San Antonio. We’re a reliable group of movers part of the big All My Sons moving network. Ourlocal San Antonio moving company is licensed and insured, so you have nothing to worry about. Our professional movers will quilt-wrap your delicate furniture and help you re-assemble your things in your new home in Kirby.

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Old Town is the place where the first homes of Kirby were built. This area is where the Kirby City Hall is located. The residents around here are getting younger and younger, but there is still a large elderly population. Astronaut Streets is named after famous astronauts. It’s the newest section of Kirby and has the largest young population.

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