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Job Opportunities in San Antonio

Moving to San Antonio is a great decision. The Military City has so much to offer its residents. With plenty of budding industries in town, there are tons of job opportunities, and the city has a low unemployment rate to boot. There is also plenty of great housing at affordable prices, so your family will be able to grow here. Your San Antonio moving company knows that you will love this city, as there is so much opportunity for new residents.

Job Opportunities and Low Unemployment

There is a little bit of everything in San Antonio, so the economy is well diversified. Are you in education? San Antonio has more than 30 colleges and universities in town. Is your family in the defense industry? Well, San Antonio is known as “Military City,” so you will feel plenty welcome. Maybe you are in the healthcare industry? San Antonio is home to the South Texas Medical Center and its medical professionals and health scientists are recognized as some of the best in the country. Are you in retail or tourism? Good, because the Alamo is just one of several tourist destinations and everything is bigger in Texas…even fashion!

San Antonio is also home to Fortune 500 companies like USSA, Clear Channel Media, Valero Energy, NuStar Energy, and Tesoro. The latter three are all energy and oil companies, which is another thriving industry in town. Neighboring city Austin has received plenty of publicity for its growth in the tech industry, which is also good for San Antonio. Dozens of tech companies have begun springing up throughout town, most notably, Geekdom. There are so many career opportunities in San Antonio, so rest assured that you will find something up your ally.

All of these industries and job opportunities lead to another bonus: low unemployment numbers. The unemployment rate has remained below the national average for years (on the low-end of six percent). Only 14 of the country’s top 100 cities have dug themselves out of the recession hole and surpassed pre-recession employment levels. And can you believe that six out of 14 of those cities are in Texas, San Antonio among them? The others are Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, and McAllen.

Cheap housing

After you decide to move to San Antonio and find a great job, you will have to figure out where to live. Lucky for you, there are plenty of affordable homes throughout San Antonio. The average price of a home is below the national average and far below that of larger cities like San Francisco or even Austin. Rent is also much cheaper in San Antonio, so wherever you are moving, you are sure to get a good price.

You can also expect a low cost of living when moving to San Antonio. Along with housing, you can look forward to cheaper utilities, healthcare, food, and entertainment. This makes San Antonio a great place to raise your children.

When moving to San Antonio, make sure that you take advantage of all that the city has to offer. Find a job that makes you happy, as there are so many different avenues that you can take in San Antonio. Also make sure to find a house that you can make a home in, and when you are ready, call your San Antonio moving company for a reliable and stress-free move.