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Items to Keep on Hand During a Move

Are you and your family making the move to Boerne? Then your to-do list is likely a mile long, especially when you have an entire household to worry about! To make your life a bit easier, your Boerne moving company has some items you should have on hand when you are moving out of your old home and things you will need on hand when moving in to your new home.

Must haves for packing and moving out

There are some simple items that will make your move so much easier. When packing, you inevitably used tons of boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. Keep some of this handy, as you may have forgotten some items, or in case a box rips. You’ll also want to keep permanent markers handy so you can mark boxes you missed. And make sure you purchase a decent tape dispenser. This will save you from a lot of frustration! If you have a small dolly or even a skateboard, don’t pack them up! You will be thankful you have them on moving day.

If you were renting your old home, there are some products you will want to keep on hand to make your old landlord happy. A small tub of spackle to seal any missed holes is a good idea. If you forgot to pick that up, toothpaste can usually do the trick, at least for aesthetic purposes. White shoe polish is another great hack to make baseboards look their best. It will wipe away any old scuffs (or new ones you accidentally make when moving boxes).

Items to pack for easy access

There are also some must-haves for moving into your new home. You will want to pack a few boxes of basics, and make them easily recognizable. Kitchen must-haves include a set of cups, plates, bowls and utensils that won’t break. The last thing you need is to open the box and find your belongings broken, so opt for plastic sets. Make sure to include sippy cups and the like for your little ones. Adding a filtered pitcher to the box is also a good idea, so your family has drinkable water as soon as possible. You may want to pack some essential food items too, like a loaf of bread, peanut butter, nuts and dried snacks.

Your box should also include some home essentials like light bulbs and batteries. Include cleaners too, like floor cleaner, glass cleaner, kitchen/bathroom cleaner, sponges, a dustpan, a bucket, a mop that can easily dissemble for packing purposes, and some towels. Hygiene essentials are a must too. That means packing toilet paper, soap, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste and everyone’s tooth brush, and any prescriptions your family may need.

Lastly, you will want to make sure everyone can have a good night’s sleep. Pack a set of sheets for each bed and make them easily accessible. That means pillows too. And everyone should pack a small overnight bag with pajamas and a few changes of clothes. You may also want to hang your curtains as soon as possible to keep the sun out, regulate temperature, and to ensure privacy.

If you are starting to stress over your move to Boerne, do not panic! Your Boerne moving company knows it can be tough, but once you are your family are settled in, it will make it all worth it. Just do not forget to pack the essentials!