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Turning Up the Dial on Your Home’s Interior Appeal

Would you agree that selling your San Antonio home quickly is near the top of the list of factors that determine a satisfactory sell? For most home owners it is, and not just for convenience sake either. Real Estate experts know that a home that sits on the market for longer often sells for less than market value, whereas homes that sell faster usually do so because the seller is satisfied with the amount offered by the buyer. You might be gung-ho to go out and hire your San Antonio movers today, but before you do anything, make sure you understand one thing: Selling a home quickly does not only depend on the skill of your realtor or the amount of exposure you have to buyers. It has a lot to do with how you prepare your home to meet prospective buyers.

In fact, presentation is so crucial that there is an entire professional field devoted explicitly to staging homes for resale. If you decide to sell your home you should think seriously about hiring a local home stager with a good reputation for success, or at the very least, attempt to stage your home yourself.  Here are a few tips from the pros when it comes to real estate staging.

One of the most important things in improving a home interior’s aesthetic appeal is decluttering. One of the main contributors to a cluttered feel is not actually clutter; it is furniture. Before you even put your home on the market, sell or donate excess furniture, or hire San Antonio movers to relocate the items to a friend’s home or to a storage unit. Of course, you don’t necessarily want to get rid of ALL the furniture; a few attractive pieces here and there can actually add to the appeal of the home. But removing furniture has the effect of making the home feel more spacious. It also provides a blank canvass for prospective buyers to paint a mental picture of the home with their own furniture in it.

Another area to focus improvement on is lighting. One of the least expensive things you can do to make your home welcoming and attractive is change your light bulbs. Using 100-watt light bulbs instead of 60 watt bulbs in overhead lighting can transform the appearance of a room more dramatically than you may think. Lamp light is also a way to make a space warm and inviting.

When it comes to more involved and permanent changes, paint and flooring are the number one targets. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend thousands of dollars on new carpet or paint. Often, all you need to do for carpet is to give it a good cleaning. Renting a carpet cleaning machine and running it thoroughly over the carpet until the water runs clear can often make carpet appear nearly new.  Instead of replacing hardwood flooring, consider sanding and refinishing it. You can also find materials to touch up laminate, hardwood, or tile flooring at home improvement stores.  When it comes to paint, remember that brighter, bolder, and darker colors attract lower offers, so stick with lighter, neutral colors.

Make sure to at least take care of these basics. If you are able you can add to your home’s appeal using other staging techniques. Once the house sells, you can hire San Antonio movers to do the rest!