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Have You Heard of the Mother-in-Law Suite?

The local San Antonio movers learned that the mother-in-law suite refers to the master bedroom on the first floor of a house. These typically have their own sitting area and even handicap accessible bathrooms. They offer a financial as well as emotional health solution for families. The mother-in-law suite is becoming more popular what with the increase of multiple generations living under one roof because of today's real estate market. Many households these days are struggling to make their mortgage payments, find work and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Today's homes are also bigger than they use to be so there's more space for multiple family members. In the 50s, houses were about 1,000 square feet, today they're about 2,300 square feet.

In many cultures, multiple generations living under one roof is the norm. It's socially acceptable and even encouraged. Sons and daughters take care of their aging parents and they in return offer a little help with taking care of their younger children. In the U.S. things are a little different, youth is glamorized and assisted or senior living is very much a part of an aging person. Living together can make a lot of sense for some families, especially financially. These days, life can get pretty expensive with rent or mortgage payments, health insurance, kids' education, cars and of course the rising cost of food. Just keeping up and going to work every day can get costly when you factor in childcare, transportation even a lunch bag.

However, the local San Antonio moving specialists learned that with the mother-in-law suite comes some problems, such as the loss of privacy or autonomy. When you have your own space, you have your own routine and do things the way you like them done. You don't check in with anyone and are pretty independent for the most part, even when you have a family. Your family becomes part of that circle of independence. When you have an aging mother or mother-in-law in the house, there's a new set of things to deal with especially if they're not self-sufficient. There are also expectations on their part and family dynamics change.

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