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How to Update Your Bathroom on a Budget

Whether you are a long-time local or your San Antonio movers have just finished unpacking your belongings, the summer is the perfect time to update your bathroom. All projects that take a weekend or less, you can bet that you will not break the bank either when doing these quick and easy bathroom updates in your San Antonio home. After all, All My Sons Moving & Storage has moved in enough families to know a thing or two about simple tricks to do in order in instantly add some va-va-voom to your bathroom.

Add a Pop

Something as simple as painting the walls of your bathroom a dark color and then placing an oversized mirror on the wall can add a whole new level of intrigue that you never thought of before. Or, you can add a dramatic mirror along with glass and chrome accent shelves that will turn your bathroom from boring to glam.

Create Space

Once your San Antonio moving company has left you and your family to finally unpack all of your belongings, don’t start unpacking only to realize that you do not have nearly enough space to fit all of your bathroom supplies. Before freaking out, relax knowing that there is an easy (and inexpensive) way to fix this problem. Simply add pullout shelves to deep cabinets in order to keep necessities easily accessible and organized. This way, you won’t have to dig through a ton of products in order to find the one that you want – you will be able to see where everything is immediately!

Use Patterns

Bored with the way that your bathroom looks, yet can’t seem to figure out how to spice it up a little bit? Add two different types of patterns to your bathroom for an instant pick me up! Put wallpaper up in a prominent pattern and then choose a different pattern for the shower curtain and for other elements like a window shade. The end product results in a pleasantly surprising, combination pattern duo that will make your bathroom your new favorite room in your San Antonio home.

New Light

Have you finally finished moving in, yet can’t stand the outdated light fixtures in the bathrooms of your new San Antonio home? Swap out a dated light fixture for one that is new and edgy, in order to create a whole new feel for your bathroom. Choose one with glass features and a layered look that will illuminate your whole bathroom with a sparkly glow.