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How to Tackle Home Odors

Home odors are not only undesirable, but they’re embarrassing. As a homeowner, you may be hesitant to have people over until you can figure out how to get that stubborn, lingering smell out of your home. No to mention, attempting to mask your house with spray to cover the smell only makes it worse. Fortunately, the San Antonio movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have a guide for getting rid of home odors.

Step 1: Identify what the odors is

There are many ways an offensive odor can develop in your home. Check the following areas to determine where the odor is coming from:

  • Is it pet related? Try cleaning your cat’s litter box, brushing their fur to prevent buildup of bacteria, and clean up any accidents on the floor right away. If there is an accident on a carpet, you can try combining white distilled vinegar, warm water, and baking soda, then scrubbing it into the carpet.
  • Check the kitchen. Garbage smells can travel through the air in your home, creating a foul smell. Make sure you regularly take out the garbage, and disinfect indoor and outdoor garbage bins with all-purpose cleaner monthly. San Antonio movers also recommend Petrotech Odor Eliminator, which is nontoxic spray that binds to odor particles and naturally biodegrades odor causing bacteria.
  • Check the refrigerator. Certain foods can cause an alarming smell in your home. Get rid of any foods that might be stinking up the kitchen, then use a citrus fragrance, such as Lysol Neutral Air Citrus Spray to remove the odor. San Antonio movers recommend putting a box of baking soda inside your refrigerator to absorb odors.
  • Check the bathrooms.  Clean your toilets regularly. Use Lysol disinfectant on counters, and watch for mold and mildew in the shower and walls, as these can be common problems in bathrooms.
  • Is it your shoes? Try stuffing shoes with newspaper right after you wear them – this absorbs unwanted moisture which causes odor.                                                          

Step 2: Ventilate Everyday

Most odor problems are ventilation problems. Once a smell becomes airborne, the offending molecules tend to linger. This can be solved with simple circulation.

  • Open your windows for at least 15 minutes a day to allow air to circulate
  • Create a cross breeze with opening opposite windows of a room
  • Turn on the ac, and make sure you are changing the filter regularly.
  • Position your fan so that its blowing dirty air out of a doorway, or toward an air conditioner.


Follow this guide to tackle home odors from your San Antonio movers