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How to Organize for a Garage Sale

If you and your family feel as though it is time to get rid of some items that are taking up valuable room in your home, then let All My Sons Moving and Storage of San Antonio help you have a successful garage sale!  We will give you all of the tools, tips, and tricks necessary to have a great garage sale this month. 

First thing’s first, organization is key!  We recommend having every member of your family make four piles each.  The “throw away” pile, the “give to charity” pile, the “garage sale” pile, and the “keep for me” pile.  Have each family member be responsible for their own rooms and their space.  Once all of the four piles are made, it is time to deal with each one accordingly. 

The “throw away” pile is everything that can go in the garbage. Make sure that there is nothing of value or nothing that somebody else can use or that can be donated to charity.  Keep everyone responsible for their own piles and get rid of the things that are not salvageable first. 

2. The “give to charity” pile should include items that your will need to take to Goodwill or the charity of your choice.  Drop off everything and do not forget your tax write off receipt for the donations. 

Two piles down, two more to go!

3. The “keep for me” pile should be the pile of things that you and your family members feel as if they cannot live without; irreplaceable or essential items. Make sure that everyone organizes what they have chosen to keep.  Make a new rule that if it cannot be put away and organized in a spot then it cannot stay.  Remember, this is the time to clean and make more room. It may be difficult to part with certain items but you have to make the better judgment on if the item is necessary, or if it can eventually be replaced.

4. The “garage sale” pile should be the fun part! This pile is of course, all of the items that you have determined that you and your family members do not need and can potentially be sold. When you are organizing this pile, you will want to think about what you would like to sell each individual item for; set the prices.

Once everything is organized, you can continue to the best part…the garage sale!

Your local San Antonio moving company recommends that you hang signs all throughout the neighborhood and tell your neighbors a few days prior.  Have detailed signs that state the date and time of your garage sale, and your address. The more signs you post, the more people will see the signs, giving you a great garage sale turnout!

In order to make it more fun for the entire family, allow each family member to set up their own table of personal belongings that they wish to sell.

All My Sons Moving & Storage of San Antonio wishes you the best of luck in your garage sale adventure!