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How to Handle Appliances

Besides hiring a professional and experienced moving company like All My Sons of San Antonio, moving requires a lot of work not to mention patience and time. Every room has to be empty and items have to be safely packed in labeled boxes. But what about things you can’t place in boxes, like appliances. Our kitchen is full of those including a refrigerator, a freezer, a dishwasher, stove top and more because some people especially those living in condominiums have their washer and dryer in the kitchen too. For these appliances, there’s a specific set of moving tips and All My Sons of San Antonio is here to help with a little advice.

Generally speaking, it’s important that all your appliances are clean and dry. This means no leftover grease on the stove top, no food or liquids in the fridge and especially no ice in the freezer. Don’t forget to unplug your machinery before thoroughly cleaning your appliances and leave them in that state until you re-plug them in our new place. Also, make sure to disconnect some of them from their water supplies like the dishwasher.

For your washer and dryer, make sure you unhook all hoses and clean the lint screen. Any additional part to the washer and dryer, you can wrap in a towel and leave inside. And don’t worry, a company as reliable as All My Sons of San Antonio can handle this type of machine during the move. Our movers will load it onto our moving truck with care.

 As far as the fridge goes, you’ll need to defrost it a few days before the move. So remove everything that’s in it and let it get to room temperature by unplugging the electrical cord. Wash all the removable bins and other parts too, this way it will be clean and ready to fill up once you move into your new home.

If you’re taking your microwave along with you to your new place, remove the revolving glass tray and safely secure it into a box, that way it won’t break during the moving process. Plus, make sure to close the door.

Sooner or later, you’ll have to reinstall all these appliances. Make sure you follow the appropriate installation manuals or call for a local appliance dealer and ask about getting some help.

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