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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Your New Home

If you and your family have recently moved into a new home, it is time to make some new traditions!  Let All My Sons Moving & Storage of San Antonio help you and your family make new memories in your new home.

If you are not sure where you and your family are going to eat Thanksgiving dinner once you move to San Antonio, keep in mind that there are plenty of restaurants that are open on Thanksgiving.  They tend to fill-up relatively fast, so make sure that you make reservations as soon as possible.  Relax this Thanksgiving and enjoy not having to worry about cooking a big meal.  Celebrate by going out with your family and slowly get to know San Antonio. 

Instead of having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in your new home, why not have dessert only? Make your new home cozy by lighting candles, and making sure that there are enough blankets and hot refreshments to accompany your delectable desserts. You can have your usual Thanksgiving dessert in your new home on paper plates with plastic silverware, making clean up easy.

There is no better time to be thankful and celebrate as a family than on Thanksgiving, together in your new home. A fun, new home game: family members can take turns telling each other what they have been most thankful for this past year, and what they look forward to during the upcoming years in the new house.

Another way that All My Sons of San Antonio suggests that you and your family make the most out of the first Thanksgiving in your new home, is by checking out all of the local Black Friday deals. San Antonio features great shopping and a lot of outlet malls, so check the local listings and figure out where you and your family can get the best deals in town!

Meeting new people, neighbors, and friends should be enjoyable when you move to a new city.  All My Sons Moving & Storage of San Antonio can help make your holiday move easy and stress-free so that you can enjoy Thanksgiving in your new home. Take the time to create new traditions, visit the town center, and make friends with your neighbors during the holiday season. From our family to yours, All My Sons wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!