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How to Stay Healthy During Your Move to San Antonio

Moving can be daunting, especially on one’s health. Your daily routine of healthy eating and exercise being thrown off, coupled with stress brought on by the moving process can cause your immune system to weaken and can cause you and your family to become vulnerable to illness. Protect your family from getting sick during your move to San Antonio with these helpful tips from local San Antonio movers.

  1. Continue to Eat Healthy – It may be difficult to do, but continuing to eat healthy foods during the moving process with help keep your immune system strong, while giving you the energy you need to get through your move to San Antonio. To make eating healthy easier, try to make a meal plan for you and your family during the packing process. Use healthy food in your fridge that is easy to prepare, as opposed to running to the fast food joint down the street. Junk food is mostly processed and although it tastes good, it will eventually make you feel heavy and drained, leaving you with little energy to pack, load, and unpack those moving boxes.

  2. Drink plenty of Water – Especially if you are moving to San Antonio in the warmer months, it’s important to stay hydrated. Moving includes a lot of physical activity, but because it’s a busy time you may forget to stop and take a drink of water. Keep plastic water bottles on the counter, so while your family is moving things in or out of your home they are reminded to hydrate. Try to stay away from soft drinks and energy drinks, as they are an antagonist for dehydration and will eventually leave you feeling sluggish.

  3. Get Some Sleep – If it is one o’clock in the morning and you are moving at 8 a.m., that last box you are packing can wait. It is more important to get the proper rest before moving day, so that you are physically prepared and mentally refreshed for all that is about to come. Along with restoring energy, sleep also helps strengthen your immune system and prepares your body to defend itself against germs that you’re sure to come in contact with during your move to San Antonio.

  4. Practice Good Hygiene – It is inevitable that you and your family will come in contact with a number of germs during your move to San Antonio. Between items in the bathroom and kitchen to belongings being pulled from the attic, there is a huge chance you or a loved one will get something on their hands or face that can lead to sickness. To avoid spreading germs or carrying them to your new home, have antibacterial on hand at all times. Leave it in a centrally located area where everyone can see it and be reminded to use. Also, remind your family to wash their hands, face and neck periodically throughout your move to San Antonio.

  5. Hire Professional Movers – Seasoned movers, such as our San Antonio moving company, relieve a lot of the stress that comes with the moving process. We offer full-service moving that includes properly packing your belongings in moving boxes, placing your household items in a moving truck and unpacking everything in your new San Antonio home. By taking the stress out of a move, the health of you and your family will be better off and you will be less prone to becoming ill.